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  • Seeking greater syndication reach for DearUniverse.Earth!
  • Beginning work on my next novel adapted from a spec screenplay–a comedy!
  • Gathering content for my next non-fiction book: Humanity 2.0: The Power of Unity Consciousness
  • Attribution is adapted from a spec screenplay I wrote. Publishing the spec screenplay early 2018! PUBLISHED 08/04/18!
  • I’m currently in the final editing stage of my first novel in a series set in the near-future. The cover is nearly there, too. DONE
  • I’m redesigning my website and blog mission statement to show readers what kinds of books/articles you can expect from me in the coming decade. DONE… NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE WEBSITE:!!!!!!
  • Weekly, in a perfect world… Or at least every ten days, I’ll blog and guest column on what we can expect in the coming years. The future is very exciting, but for those still mired in separation consciousness, it will be tough. Our love and support is needed more than ever to help the world evolve. I will offer practical ideas and solutions to assist in the process of transitioning to higher levels of consciousness addressing, Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • I’m taking an online course to perfect my blog writing skills. Blog and book writing are way different. 🙂 DONE
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Christine HornerAbout the Author

Christine Horner’s new novel is the futuristic drama/mystery, Attribution. She writes fiction and nonfiction helping readers discover the miraculous within. Be sure to check out Christine’s eMagazine, Your Brilliant Future Here Now where you can grab her free Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor Guide.

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