Thrive Global New Syndication Partner

  I am thrilled that my first Your Brilliant Future Here Now article has appeared on Arianna Huffington’s, Thrive Global. The website offers positive news you can use. Thrive’s mission statement: “Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and...

Book Report: What I’m Reading Now

Dear Friends, My son bought a motorcycle. My son wrecked his motorcycle. Therefore, I’m reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Actually things didn’t happen in that order. My son bought a motorcycle to everyone’s displeasure (my brother...
Your Brilliant Future Here Now Blog

Your Brilliant Future Here Now Blog

Dear Friends, While writing my novel, I realized that nearly all of my body of work comes from my vision of the future–here now–whether fiction or non-fiction… The evolution of human consciousness as we continue to discover the miraculous within and...
Kosmos Journal Essay

Kosmos Journal Essay

[As Seen in Kosmos Journal] “Creation was not a singular event, but by self-definition, it will continue into perpetuity. What is so shocking is that this means that science and religion are not in opposition of one another, but are simply left- and right-brain...
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