Dear Friends,

What is Spirit but the Energy of Life? In separation consciousness, humans believe some energy is Holy and other energy is evil. We worship one and fear the other when it is just the polarity or positive/negative charge of an atom at play from the micro- to the macro-playing field. If we could see the bigger picture, called unity consciousness, we’d see that destruction is part of the creative process rather than a separate process in a relative third dimension.

The Energy of Life is Creation making love. It is humans who act out the drama of whether “to be” or “not to be” positive or negative. The world’s “evil” (fear) is man-made. There is either love or a cry for love acted out through a negative drama fueled by ignorance. This is why the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Notice that Nature is neutral. If you spend any time in Nature, you will begin to observe this to be true. All of Creation is holy.

I’m sharing this because it’s been coming up in my mind for contemplation lately while on my morning runs. It’s quite fascinating! Which leads me to one of my favorite magazines, Science to Sage, created by the beautiful Karen Elkins. I think science would be fascinating to everyone if we explored it holistically the way Karen and her contributors do.

After What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil was published, I, along with other In the Garden Publishing authors were featured in the December 2013 issue. If you would like to sample the magazine for free, you may peruse the back issue for free. This issue explores Heaven on Earth. Some of the most recent issues really delve into our Universe’s energetic matrix. If it sounds uninteresting to you, I especially invite you to give it a yummy try! 🙂

Science to Sage – Heaven on Earth