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Follow-up to Awakening Leadership Reaches Out to Generations Y & Z 

Millennials, TransGenerationals encouraged to be the change via character-based leadership. 

DAYTON, Ohio (June 1, 2016) — “What are you good at?” asks a new book by the CEO of the What Would Love Do Foundation. In her latest non-fiction work, set to release June 15, 2016, Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author, Christine Horner, reveals an “upgrade” in consciousness by the Millennial and subsequent TransGeneration yet to be recognized by mainstream society.

The pocket-sized book’s central theme, one of self-empowerment, states we all are equally vital and necessary to the well-being of each other and the planet. “One of the most destructive teachings ever disseminated is that we are not worthy,” says Horner. “This false belief is the difference between creating Heaven and Hell right here on Earth.” Horner goes to say that by no longer supporting outdated beliefs and resultant systems, we empower ourselves to be the change, changing our future to one of sustainability overnight.

In the new leadership paradigm, competition is out, and cooperation is in as humanity joins to reach our highest potential collectively through our individual strengths. Horner says, “Finding the proper balance between individualism and collectivism is necessary as we move from separation to unity consciousness. It will allow us to work in harmony in an interconnected world. Peace will finally become possible.”

Horner will also introduce The Global Humanity Bill of Rights in partnership with the What Would
Love Do Foundation. Learn more at

Horner is dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness and awakening the miraculous within you. A portion of the proceeds benefits the What Would Love Do Foundation.                             

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