I gave Dr. Michio Kaku a signed copy of my book!  The Nutter Center at Wright State University was packed.  I was excited to listen to him speak.  The line to have him sign his book was wrapped around forever–I waited for an hour and a half to meet him.  There were so many waiting, we couldn’t take pictures with him, but I was able to snap a pic of him with my book.  (I’d rather it had been me.)  But, he is a very charming man with a scientific sense of humor.  On a microphone, in front of the entire center, I asked him what he understood God to be.  He deferred to Einstein’s idea of what God was–certainly some intelligence has created all of this, to paraphrase.  Very diplomatic of him!

Dr. Kaku expressed his desire to discover the mathematical equation for the unifying theory of everything–it being less than an inch long!  I wish I’d thought to write it in the copy of my book I gave to him, but here it is now:

1 + -1 = 0


All love,