Dear Friends,

If you had a window into the future, would you want to know?
Headlines are being “ripped” out of my novel set in 2036, Attribution, much faster than I anticipated–a dystopian drama/mystery set in a world still lost in separation consciousness. I will update the list below as I discover more. Don’t look if you don’t want to know!

For those of us who have or who are making the transition to unity consciousness, the future is spectacular! If you haven’t read my article: “2018: Year of the Miracle,” discover what is emerging out the chaos. This is the year where you, creative intelligence, and divine purpose converge.

Ready to consciously become a planetary healer and changemaker?
You have the capacity to heal yourself, thereby healing the world. First, dive into your heart center for compassion, knowing all things work for the good (perpetuity). This is the middle path, or neutrality (the way of the Masters), versus becoming polarized which adds more energy to the old narrative, actually perpetuating it.

Next, see the world as you wish it to be, and then act accordingly. By BEing the change, we effectively change our outer world. Affirm love, joy, peace, freedom, and prosperity everywhere you see it. As the qualities you choose are impressed into your conscious awareness, focus on the things you don’t prefer diminishes not only internally, but externally. The old reality literally begins to disappear. It’s miraculous to discover (like Dorothy) in the Wizard of Oz, you’ve had the power to go home.

Need a little encouragement?
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