Dear Friends,

While writing my novel, I realized that nearly all of my body of work comes from my vision of the future–here now–whether fiction or non-fiction… The evolution of human consciousness as we continue to discover the miraculous within and all around us! Therefore, my articles moving forward will focus on our amazing new world (inside and out) as we continue to evolve into unity consciousness. From the new syndicated blog home page:

What’s in your future?

“Human evolution is undergoing a shift so profound; the proof can be seen with the naked eye. This shift is causing millennia-old beliefs, social structures, and institutions to be scrutinized like never before—perhaps for the very first time. Those who remain mired in separation consciousness will continue to struggle. For ones awakening in Unity Consciousness, peace, harmony, and prosperity are yours amidst the chaos. There are entire nations now living cooperatively, sustainably, and peacefully, evolving far ahead of nations still locked in self-limiting competition paradigms. Are you awakening? Your future lies within the answer to that question NOW. Where are you in your evolution? What will this mean for our social systems, science, religion, technology?”

Your Brilliant Life Here Now by Christine HornerI hope you enjoy the articles to follow over the summer!

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