Dear Friends,

I’ve been feeling a STRONG sense of impending major events in the coming days, months, continuing into the new era we’ve arrived at. How does one stay grounded during turbulent times?

Trust that these events are in the service of love, life, and all that is good. Those who don’t understand will lament end times, but it is the Golden Age, a New Earth, and you are part of it. At times, it may seem that the upheaval is unending. Keep your attention and intention on those that are already at work as part of New Earth as we move from separation to unity consciousness. Join in as soon as you can if you haven’t yet.

As an awakened leader, be ready to make choices, look for and BE inspiration, transparency and Truth. Stand fast with those who need assistance and for each other, confident that all is well. I am here for you and I know that you’re here for me. Meantime, read on for some good news and an upcoming celebration!


All love,