Dear Friends,

My son bought a motorcycle. My son wrecked his motorcycle. Therefore, I’m reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Actually things didn’t happen in that order. My son bought a motorcycle to everyone’s displeasure (my brother was killed on a motorcyle 20 years ago in August.)  Someone recommended Zen to him–which thrilled me to death (life!) that he is open to expanding his consciousness! I decided to read it with him.

The book is very dense. I read slowly as I assimilate it–some of it having to do with paragraph structure that doesn’t break out scenes and thought processes efficiently so that I have to do the work in my brain. I’m only 75 pages in and wonder how much wisdom can this pack all the way to the end just from living an ordinary life consciously? Infinite!

Every day is infinite in depth and scope (miraculous) when we take the time to dive into it.

I just finished Dan Brown’s first novel, Deception Point. I liked the way he broke out action and drama so much, I reedited Attribution‘s paragraph structure using some of the techniques Brown used to amp up the story! So glad I read it.

What are you reading?



P.S. My son is fine. Hopefully, he’s learning from both.