Dear Infinite Ones,

[AS SEEN IN OM TIMES MAGAZINE] As you move through your spiritual journey, sometimes we are met with unexpected surprises.  One of the most unexpected is the process with which you come to understand the true meaning of what is special…

Initially, you may feel somewhat bereft as all the people and all the beliefs you deemed Holy fall off the mantel with a thud, the pieces scattered amidst human ruins. It’s difficult to let go of “special;” the notion that anything or anyone is “more” or “better” than anyone or anything else. For those of us raised out of the generation of, “I am not worthy,” the reverberations can continue on for many years as we adjust to the new Holy—everything.

Yet, we must go through this process to come to the realization that we are an infinite being.  Please enjoy my article, Your Opus: Sovereign to Infinite Being.  You may see your own journey mirrored within these words.

Infinite Love,