Dear Friends,

Have you ever wondered why you never found the courage to do something you always wanted to do? The marketplace would tell me there is something wrong with me, that I must conquer my fear, or I’m a failure.

What if fear is the Universe saying, no, or not now. What if the courage never came because it was not meant to be my life path? I have found that it comes when it’s meant to, and never fails to do so. Love yourself a little more when something scares you. If you are to move in the direction of something scary, you will find yourself doing it. You can’t stop it! If not, let it go and be grateful you are so dearly loved and well cared for by all of Creation.



Courage appears at exactly the right moment and not moment before. It can’t be found or forced., coached or developed. It arises out of your being to serve your highest good the instant you need it. ~ Christine Horner

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