Dear Friends,

These last months, I’ve been feeling something in a whole new way–the silence of my Soul. The silence has been speaking to me so “loudly,” I’ve surrendered to it. I now sit in the back seat of my life and allow the silence of my Soul to BE my life, instead of trying to fill the emptiness that is my true Self with noise.

This just happened of its own accord. It wasn’t anything I consciously did or stopped doing. I couldn’t have made this happen if I tried. It was then that I felt the urge to make my books free, to stop messing with social media and marketing and just . . . breathe. Just BE.

I’m here and I love you. I feel the whole world and I know the whole world feels me because it’s all me. Not “me” in the sense of personal identity, but in the fullness of our Union as the One. I have to tell you, this is Heaven. It’s like sitting in a warm bath all day, every day.

I will post occasionally on social media, but you can always find me here. Oh, and I’m busy working on my apple tree. I’m writing a screenplay!

I recently discovered a video that summed up what happened! It’s amazing. you may be feeling it, too. Enjoy!