Dear Ones,

Today we face a difficult conversation–increasing headlines in the news regarding senseless public shootings taking innocent lives…

The simple message that is being mirrored back to you by the Universe is:  Guns beget guns; including the full spectrum of consequences of gun ownership in a relative Universe.

The more important message from Creation is that it’s your co-creative choice.  There is no outside intelligence (good or evil) making gun, or otherwise, choices on your behalf; or engineering reward and punishment based on your decisions.  You are 100% responsible for choosing or unchoosing guns in your world.  All consequences (karma) begin and end with you.

It is not even necessary to outlaw guns. (Though the fear-driven mind cannot comprehend this.)  Simply unchoose them.  This is your community.  Do you wish to create Heaven on Earth or do wish to create something else?

All my love,