Dear Friends,

Eighteen years ago this summer, I was held at gunpoint in the credit union I was employed by when five gunmen stormed the office.  I was seven months pregnant, and as I stared down the barrel of the gun, I was not afraid.  (What could I do?  I was powerless, and so, I surrendered fully to what was happening.)

I expanded beyond my body and could see it was all just happening.  Every action by the gunmen and even my body were all under the direction of the Life Force of Creation Itself.  Death was no longer seen as death, but a doorway.  Total surrender was power in itself—a far greater power!

We all have the ability to expand and contract our consciousness beyond/returning to our bodies at will–drama is not required, though often times it’s what leads you to even being aware of this ability.

This summer, the expansion of my consciousness has been occurring spontaneously as I “watch” myself think, move, go through my whole day, seeing it all as just happening.  Nothing to be controlled, nothing to be feared.  All of life is a doorway to the next moment of now.

Please share if you feel inspired.  May you also find fearlessness in all that occurs throughout your day.

All My Love,