Dear Ones,

[AS SEEN IN OM TIMES MAGAZINE] Imagine a world where there are no charities.  A world where you are provided shelter, your meals and clean water never in short supply.  A bountiful world, your health needs are met at every turn and mentors and teachers are found in everyone you meet.

This is the world you were born into.  And what a glorious world it is!  Heaven on Earth!

This world does exist, but not in the third dimension.  If your awareness has expanded into higher realms, you’re either glimpsing Universal Gifting that is part of higher consciousness or you have made the full transition into Gifting; a state of being rather than “doing.”

Yes!  The question is, “How do we experience this?”  Please enjoy my article, The New Rich Through Stewardship.  I would love to know what your experience has been.  Are you experiencing Heaven on Earth?

Abundantly  yours,