[As Seen in the Huffington Post] On Christmas Day of 1914, the miraculous occurred.

Men of differing nationalities called out “Merry Christmas” in the other’s native tongue. Cold, gunpowder-infused hands reached across abysmal trenches and cultural differences in search of the universal spirit of Christmas. What made these men unite to find joyful expression through song in a temporary truce?

The men were German and Allied troops along the Western Front in Europe just months after the outbreak of World War I. As make-shift presents such as cigarettes and plum puddings were retrieved from personal stashes and shared across enemy lines, what must have been going through the minds of the first soldiers who dared leave bunkers unarmed to celebrate the holiday?

Beyond the melancholy and even fear of death, all it had taken was one man to be inspired by Pope Benedict XV’s call earlier in the month for a temporary cease-fire. Like a spark leaping across dry tinder, an earnest plea had reverberated quietly in hearts and minds until at least one man dared the unthinkable.

The Truce of 1914

But, he hadn’t acted alone. Maybe his overwhelming anguish on Christmas Eve had been felt so keenly by his trench mate, he too, was moved to consider the impossible. And so another—and then another. We may only be able to imagine what truly motivated those brave men to make the bold decision to drop their weapons. The point is—unity consciousness informed their thoughts that led to conscious action.

What makes it so miraculous is that peace swept up and down the Western Front without the aid texting, social media, or wireless internet. If they can do that, then what about the rest of us with voices that have the ability to have our petitions heard around the world.

Let us now call our own truce. No more battles with our words. No more wars with those who don’t think, look or act like us. No more barreling through life swept away in fights “against” [fill in the blank]. No more thinking and acting so unconsciously, we barely register a heart beat.

It’s time for a new miracle—The Miracle of 2016. Let it be the Year of Consciousness. Rather than the stirring of a few, it’s time for the many to rouse from their collective slumber into the power of the awakened heart.

It only took us another 100 years. Come on all you Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and TransGenerationals. May you keep a listening ear pressed to each other’s hearts and never forget. May you finally realize that all change begins with you. And may you step on the path of peace by being peace itself.

Finally, let us unite in a new song of gratitude. One in harmony with an abundant Earth that offers more than enough for every man, woman, and child to live very comfortably, even seven billion plus.

Working together cooperatively rather than competitively to manage our resources is the evolutionary leap mankind must make to ensure our survival. This time, we don’t have a hundred years.

I believe in miracles. And I believe in you.