Dear New Friends (and “Old” ūüôā ),

A writer’s job is to find boundaries, explore them and to shove them back¬†farther than thought humanly possible–not only for themselves¬†but for the¬†reader.¬† We do this out of love for the world.

The writer senses the imagination is limitless.¬† We want to see human¬†potential experience its own infinity.¬† In doing so, we may outrage you,¬†stun you, amaze you, inspire you.¬† Truly, I’ve not done my job until I’ve¬†challenged every belief you’ve ever held¬†and pissed you off at least once.

I do so through both fiction and non-fiction.¬† I believe humanity is in its¬†infancy of unrealized potential–we are still running around hitting each¬†other with sticks and soiling our own backyard.¬† Yet, I also see God in the¬†face of everyone I meet, including you.

Here’s to being¬†infinity friends…

Much love,


What We’ve Learned