Dear Friends,

After the third hardest winter, the coolest July 4th on record and probably one of the coolest summers (it’s 68 out at noon today), I’m wincing at what this winter will be like here in the Midwest.  Global warming or magnetic pole shift causing weather extremes?

Magnetic north is shifting upwards of 40/ft. per year now.  Airports are redrawing lines on runways. Europe launched a satellite system 11/13 to study the phenomena.

As part of the strategy of how we deal with these changes, perhaps, it’s just as important to fully and accurately disclose all that is going on with the planet (including the next cyclical ice age due to axial precession in about 11,000 years), rather than bullying non-climate-change believers into believing it’s entirely man-made.

Though, there is no doubt in my mind that humans are trashing our beloved home and contributing to a shift in climate, I’m doing some research…  It’s worth discussing.

Please check out the following links and come to the discussion fully prepared.

NASA | Tech Times | Al Jazeera | Gizmodo

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