Dear Ones,

[AS SEEN IN OM TIMES MAGAZINE] Many of you have experienced the challenge of cancer or another serious illness. Or, perhaps someone you love very dearly is undergoing such an experience. It is the consensus of Western medicine that illness is the “enemy” has must be
fought with all of one’s resources.

What if by fighting your illness, you are further blocking the energy that is already blocked?  I “challenge” you to look at cancer from another point of view.  As all of life arises to be “witnessed,” it also arises to be loved.  What if you no longer make illness an enemy but love it and honor it for its purpose?

Please read on to see how the miraculous in you is allowed to shine forth when you love that which appears to be unlovable.  What is offered comes from personal experience–my daughter was eleven when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Much love,

Christine & Victoria

Victoria Horner