Dear Friends,

This past week was a beautiful one as I connected with thousands around the globe as far away as Perth, Australia, and Moscow, Russia. I hope I was finally able to answer all personal emails. If I missed any, I apologize. In nearly every case, we were able to find common ground to share a heartfelt moment together to bask in God’s love.

The overwhelming response was positive. The #1 complaint the letter received was that I didn’t understand the passage or Christianity–it’s about humility and God’s salvation, they said. That’s exactly the point! Let me try again since so many missed my point. Salvation was given to you as a gift. It’s a done deal, you were made worthy. Isn’t repeating you’re not worthy after you were made worthy “blasphemy” to God’s gift? Shouldn’t we be celebrating in humility, which simply means gratitude?

As I do not lean on my own understanding, I am always in a state of learning, asking to go deeper on a daily basis. Everything that passes before me is purposeful and becomes my teacher. What I learned this week is that there is not a consensus on two core issues: Is God’s love unconditional? And the follow-up, are we worthy?

Not surprisingly, the angriest emails seemed to come from those who believe God’s love to be only for a select few. Time and again I asked readers who wrote at length to me the same question, “Is God’s love unconditional?” If we are able to answer that question then the question of worthiness answers itself. My sincere wish is but to get to the “heart” of the matter, literally. Is God’s love unconditional? Are humans truly able to grasp what unconditional love really means? In the end, is one defending man’s interpretation of love over God’s?

First, let’s ask what is sin? Its root meaning is to miss the mark, as in ignorance. Sin is simply ignorance. If God is truly omnipotent and omniscient (all-powerful and all-knowing, existing outside of time) then God has always known Jesus and what His role was. If Jesus is known eternally to God, then God has always had a safety net in place for human ignorance. That’s how loved you are!

These indeed are end times. It’s the end of the veil. The Grand Awakening is currently underway. As the veil thins, people around the world are realizing that the belief “I am not worthy” was part of the veil. Eyes are widening as God is revealed in everything and everyone around us. Laughing in delight, the universal cry is, “My God, You’ve been here the whole time!” And just like Jesus in Footprints in the Sand, God’s message is, “Yes, my child, I never left your side. How could you ever think you weren’t worthy?”

Insisting on believing God’s love to be conditional and that we aren’t worthy is to hold the veil in place for you. Do you really wish to continue to suffer when suffering is optional and purely manmade? Let it go. Let go of the pain. May your heart open as wide as you can bear. Let is shatter into a million pieces so that God can restore you to Wholeness that you may know and experience unconditional love. For you will fall to your knees in gratitude and say, “Thank you.”

Eternal Love,