[As Seen in the Huffington Post] This is dedicated to those who recently lost their lives in Orlando as a celebration of who they were—exquisitely beautiful human beings.

Though our cultural story of separation is cracking wide open for the illusion that it is, a fellow Millennial became so lost in it and was in such pain, the unthinkable occurred. May each and every one of us open our hearts even wider until the light of our love enters every dark chasm and every wounded soul.

1) Know your worth and that you’re bigger than your body. Millennials andTransGenerationals are the first generations to begin to heal the destructive “I am not worthy,” programming that has existed for thousands of years. It’s still not easy, but you are leading the way toward ending the confusion surrounding gender, sexuality, race, and more, as you demonstrate that life is much more diverse than we previously understood.

You are physically wired to tune into a dynamic Universe continuously transmitting information to you. Your receiver is turned on, and you are listening. Your connection to life extends beyond the physical body’s five senses into higher degrees of consciousness.

2) You are the first generations in history fully free to express yourselves.Thanks to a lot of help from first-wave Millennials, Generation X, and vanguard Baby Boomers, somewhere inside you intuitively “get” that anything’s possible.Really. It’s this spark of realization that propels you like a SpaceX rocket slowly gaining momentum before breaking free of gravity to enable you to rise to your highest potential.

After 2016 had been declared The Year of Consciousness in January, America endured a Political Arab Spring. When the world revisits historical patterns of divisive and destructive thought processes steeped in inequality and oppression, you easily recognize and reject them for what they are—unsustainable.

3) Discovering the meaning and purpose of your life is the heart and soul of becoming the person who would inspire you the most. The good news is we are evolving exponentially. What once took generations or even a century to discern as useful or not is becoming discernable literally in just days. Social media allows us to engage in open dialogue with our peers without waiting for outside authority to tell us what to think.

It’s the letting go of what doesn’t work within our culture that the new and improved can enter our lives. That’s what sustainability is all about. Though mainstream media continues to recycle negativity for every last bit of mileage, we are individually and collectively sorting out our priorities and plot a course for a better future.

4) Leadership isn’t about power; it’s about being the change you wish to see in the world. Despite ongoing challenges, there is a returning sense of optimism as greater awareness and self-empowerment have TransGens on pace to become the first generation in history to hit critical mass in the transition from separation to unity consciousness.

It’s the balance between individualism and collectivism that serves the good of all. The New Leadership Paradigm is one of mutually beneficial relationship or cooperation. Equality is honored and immediately established as you recognize all individuals to be equipped with unique skill sets, talent, and gifts. What are you good at?

5) Sustainability is the new Golden Rule that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet. This is important—really important. The dream of competition born out of separation consciousness must come to an end so that a new dream can take flight. Except this time . . . It’s your dream.

Fueled by creativity, we come together to create healthy communities, locally and globally, to do what we can’t do alone so that abundance and prosperity trickle up. It’s our time to thrive!