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Christine is a 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize-nominated author specializing in humanity’s ongoing evolutionary shift from separation to unity consciousness—Humanity 2.0. Co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation, she has been featured on many programs and written for international publications. Your brilliant future is here now!

When we consciously merge mind, body, and spirit, in the now moment, we become limitless.” TWEET


new millennium, today’s readers are seeking tangible answers to life’s most difficult questions that affect us all in an increasingly interconnected world. A beacon of love and light dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness through her books, articles, and syndicated columns, Christine easily demystifies what ails society, helping readers end personal suffering, and discover true purpose. Start living the life you’ve always wanted when you discover the miraculous within by consciously merging mind, body, and spirit, (science, too!).

Christine’s simple beginnings in farmland of the rural Midwest gave her a profound appreciation and connection with Nature. Blessed to live in a technology-free environment, she and her siblings were kicked outdoors in the summer to find their own entertainment. With hours to hang out in the fields and the woods, contemplating life and each other, Christine developed a passionate love of people and life itself at a very young age. She had her first out-of-body experience around the age of twenty. Intense curiosity and introspection developed her gifts of compassion, understanding of the human condition, and connectivity to Spirit itself.

In 2009, Christine’s 11-year-old daughter, Victoria, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As her daughter braved cancer treatment, Christine experienced her own “dark night of the soul” which led her to question everything she thought she understood about the world around her, including God. While living in the hospital weeks at a time, she launched What Would Love Do Int’l, authoring the Yes, Love Can! Initiative and Global Humanity Bill of Rights. A renewed sense of clarity and purpose emerged as she dedicated her life to the advancement of human consciousness and awakening the miraculous within.

When not writing, cooking or enjoying yoga and tennis, Christine appreciates family, travel, and spending time in Nature.

Christine HornerAbout the Author

Christine Horner’s new novel is the futuristic drama/mystery, Attribution. She writes fiction and nonfiction helping readers discover the miraculous within. Be sure to check out Christine’s eMagazine, Your Brilliant Future Here Now where you can grab her free Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor Guide.

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