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Dayton, OH, USA (March 24, 2018) – What Would Love Do Foundation co-founder and author, Christine Horner has announced the book Awakening Leadership: Be Leader You Were Born to Be for Millennials & TransGenerationals (Generations Y & Z) is now available for free download in ebook format through the non-profit’s website, BetheChangeGrants.org. VIEW PDF

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Awakening Leadership: Be the Leader You Were Born to Be for Millennials & TransGenerationals (Generations Y & Z) by Christine Horner

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A new millennium, today’s readers are seeking tangible answers to life’s most difficult questions that affect us all in an increasingly interconnected world. A beacon of love and light dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness through her books, articles, and syndicated columns, Christine easily demystifies what ails society, helping readers end personal suffering, and discover true purpose. Start living the life you’ve always wanted when you discover the miraculous within by consciously merging mind, body, and spirit, (science, too!).

Christine is a 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize-nominated author specializing in humanity’s ongoing evolutionary shift from separation to unity consciousness—Humanity 2.0. Co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation, she has been featured on many programs and written for international publications. Your brilliant future is here now!  FULL BIO »

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Christine Horner’s new novel is the futuristic drama, Attribution. She writes fiction and nonfiction helping readers discover the miraculous within. Connect more deeply by subscribing to Christine’s eMagazine, Your Brilliant Future Here Now where you can grab her free Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor Guide, receive free e-books and inspiration.

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